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Dedication To Health


University of Illinois study

The University of Illinois College of Veterinary Science has proven that rawhide products are unhealthy for pets. In this stud rawhide leaves 20%-50% of the chew undigested. The remaining undigested chew can create a blockage in the dogs’ stomach. The blockage creates extreme discomfort for the dog, which can result in  surgery. In extreme cases, death can occur. Nutri Chomps and Pork Chomps products are rawhide-free, which means they are fully digestible and safe for consumption. 

This knowledge fuels our ambition to deliver the healthiest, highest quality products so that pets can lead quality lives for many years to come.

Pork Skin



Beef Rawhide

 20%  to   50% 


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University of Illinois Study

Although dogs may not seem to have problems with rawhide, it doesn't mean they are feeling their best. Our products on the other hand, are made from real pork and chicken, which are fully digestible ingredients. Our products will leave your pet feeling great since they are high in protein, enriched with vitamins and minerals, and GMO free.

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