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Grillerz are natural cuts of bones that are made incredibly delicious by using our unique method of slow roasting. Grillerz are made in America and produced according to the highest standards of quality and safety at our facility in Newport, Indiana. We use only U.S. livestock that are HAACP certified and tested for quality. Grillerz are processed in our HAACP certified and APHIS approved facility. It is also a GFSI certified facility. 

  • Sourced from U.S. livestock

  • Made in the USA

  • Made in USDA approved facility

  • Lasts multiple chewing sessions

  • Sized for all sizes, breeds, and ages

  • Naturally Flavored


pdq options

  • Smoked Pigs Feet

  • Smoked Beefy Knuckles

  • 5-7" Smoked Beefy Bones

  • Smoked Beefy Giant Bones

  • Smoked Beefy Hock

  • Smoked Prime Rib

  • Pork Femur

  • Pork Knee Bone

  • Large Pork Bones

  • Bronto Bones

  • Meaty Mammoth Jr.

  • Pig Ears

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