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Giving Back

“The purpose of life is to contribute in

some way to making things better.” 
― Robert F. Kennedy

At Scott Pet, we have been making lives better for pets, people, and communities since 1975. We take pride in providing to those in need because we believe in making the world a little better one tasty treat at a time. The importance of giving back can never be overstated, so we have devoted ourselves to be as supporting as possible. Here are just a few of our partners;

  • American Cancer Society

  • United Way

  • Tail Wagger Partnership – Provides Humane Society adoption and fundraising support.

  • Patriot Paws - Trains and provides service dogs to disabled American veterans to assist in restoring their physical and emotional independence.

  • Wounded Warrior Project – Empowers post 9/11 veterans to being the journey to recovery.

  • Indiana Canine Assistant Network (ICAN) - Trains and provides dogs to individuals with disabilities and provides foundational life skills to inmates through their experience as trainers.

We also have two New-To- 2019 partners;

  • One Cure – Research organization that is focused on finding a cancer cure for pets & people.

  • Code 3 – Disaster Relief Organization providing hands-on care operations for animals.

We also proud to provide to a multitude of individual shelters and humane societies across the United States. 


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