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What are Premium Pork Chomps?

Pork Chomps are a 100% rawhide-free pork skin dog chew made with a patented and proprietary process. Removing 70% of the pork's fat creates a cleaner and healthier dog chew. Pork Chomps are baked, not fried, which results in a low-fat dog chew. Pork skin has a natural flavor that is appealing to dogs and preferred 9 to 1 over rawhide dog chews. Not to mention, they keep  dogs busy, lasting multiple chewing sessions. 

The Benefits of Pork Chomps

Pork Chomps offer benefits for canines of all ages. They are made from baked pork skin through a patented and proprietary process that removes 70% of the fat. 


In addition, and perhaps most important, is the digestibility of our rawhide alternatives for dogs. In a 2012 study by the University of Illinois. pork skin was proven to be 99.9% digested within 24 hours. This is a much safer and healthier alternative to rawhide, which leaves up to 50% undigested. Rawhide can result in stomach or intestinal blockages in the stomach which can even require surgery.


With almost 100% digested in 24 hours, Pork Chomps is a safer, healthier alternative to rawhide. Additionally Pork Chomps provide consumers the peace of mind in knowing this is a product made for dogs to consume, as opposed to rawhide which is a byproduct of the leather industry and never made to be consumed.

For a healthy, long lasting rawhide alternative, we bring you Pork Chomps. We know dogs will love you for it, and you can feel great about providing a healthy, vet recommended dog chew.

Global Food Safety Initiative Certified

Premium Pork Chomps are manufactured in a state-of the-art facility built in 2013 that has been certified by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). GFSI is an international organization formed in 2000 to establish consistent regulations for human food production. These global food safety standards address food, packaging, packaging material, storage and distribution. Scott Pet is proud of the dedication, hard work and commitment to quality that was required to earn the GFSI certification. The Scott Pet Pork Chomps facility is one of the few pet manufacturing facilities in the world to receive GFSI certification. The ultimate goal was to give our retailers and consumers the highest level of confidence and quality assurance in Premium Pork Chomps products.

University Tested

As proven in a 2012 University of Illinois canine digestibility study, Premium Pork Chomps are 99.9% digestible. This leading veterinary college study also concluded that Premium Pork Chomps dissolve in a dog's intestinal system twice as fast as beef rawhide. Rawhide can also cause bowel obstructions resulting in unneeded pain or vet visits. Our dedication to your dogs safety is the leading reason why we do not use rawhide in any of our products. Click here to see University Study

  • Rawhide Free

  • Easy To Digest

  • High Protein

  • Stain-Free

  • Veterinarian Recommended

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