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History & Developments

Scott Pet, Inc., headquartered in Rockville, Indiana, was established in 1975 by T.E. Scott, an avid canine enthusiast. As a lifelong hunter and dog trainer, Scott spent years studying the habits of dogs and their handlers in order to engineer and develop products to suit their needs and enhance the hunting and training experience.

Scott Pet product lines have expanded to include basics and accessories for everyday dog needs, as well as healthy chew treats and natural treats. We are now one of the largest producers of natural treats in the world.

The Beginning

Beginning as a three-person garage operation, Scott Pet has expanded operation to over 250,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing and distribution space. We now manufacture and distribute over 4,000 items and are the most diverse manufacturer in the industry. Much of our product line is made in the U.S. Our nylon and leather products are handcrafted at our facility in Rockville, Indiana. Many of the the skilled craftsmen who make these products have worked here 20 years or more.

Pork Chomps


In 2006, Scott Pet introduced the first dog chew made from expanded pork skin under a patented process and launched the Pork Chomps brand. Pork Chomps, considered to be the most revolutionary Scott Pet brand to date, is in more retailers nationwide than all other product lines.

Big Tine


In September, 2010, Scott Pet introduced the Big Tine brand to the Scott Pet family. Big Tine is infused with vitamins and minerals while having whole grains and no fillers, making itself the most premium blend in the industry. Today, Big Tine has expanded to a vast line of quality products for year round deer herd health and development.

Major Developments


Major developments include the 2013 relocation of our treat processing operations from Tishomingo, Oklahoma to a new facility in Newport, Indiana. The new plant boasts 50,000 sq. ft. of freezer storage as well as cooking and smoking ovens. Additions made in 2018 to the Rockville plant add another 60,000 square feet of warehouse space.

Such growth in our company continues to be a boom to the local economy, creating over 100 jobs between the Rockville headquarters and the nearby Newport facility. 



In 2018, our newest dog treat line, NutriChomps, was launched. NutriChomps has been a fast-growing brand and for good reason. Made with real chicken and pork skin, it is 100% rawhide-free. They are also vitamin and mineral enriched and high in protein to be sure your dog is getting the best they can get. Scott Pet now features 6 different brands of dog treats.

Raising The Bar

Scott Pet has been a pioneer in the pet products industry. From the curved buckle which we introduced over 30 years ago, to the adjustable collar, to the suitcase style fold-up crate (all now industry standards), to our more recent stand-up wild bird seed packaging, we are always looking to improve processes and inspire innovation.

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